Van Dyck & The ‘Art’ of Majesty

Van Dyck & The 'Art' of Majesty

The virtual exhibit is near complete! I am determined to have it done by next Friday, as I will be presenting my paper at a conference. I have decided to focus on the role of Van Dyck in promoting the majesty of the Court of Charles I, and his legacy in inspiring later artists who were commissioned by English royals and aristocrats in the seventeenth century. What do you think?


QR Codes and Audiovisuals



Hello everyone! I have been a bit busy working on designing some displays for the History Department here at Brockport. Need to start somewhere, right? It has been fun, stressful and very valuable for dipping my toes into the field of museum work. One feature I have loved so far is the implementation of audiovisuals and interactive exhibits vis-a-vis QR codes. It really is simple. Users who have smartphones and/or tablets can scan the code and it takes them to a site where they can see more information on the object. Or, in the case of ‘Art’ of Majesty, a video! This has been so much fun and hope you all enjoy. Try it out if you have a phone! (Also, let me know if it is too small to scan.)

One Week to Go!


Happy 2014! 

Though I have had my nose stuck in books talking about the seventeenth (and early eighteenth) century, it is nice to take a little break and give you all an update. So, what’s new? Well, in a week I have to submit my draft. I admit, I was hoping to have a thesis that would not be more than 50 pages (i.e., the bare minimum). Not that I’m lazy (except on Saturdays!), but I thought with running weekly posts on this site and preparing for the digital exhibit I would be excused? As of tonight, I am at almost at the 70-page mark - and still not done! Of course, I am sure some of the pages will be omitted for the second reader. Still, not bad!

I have also been asked to present my paper at a conference in April! Yippee…and a ‘say whaaaat?’ As much as I am excited about the opportunity I am also a bit nervous. Which means a little bit more pressure added to this whole project. Wish me luck!


An Ailment isn’t going to knock me Down!

Oh, the wonders of seasonal illnesses! I’ve been struck down with a minor head cold, with sinuses stuffed beyond my control. Right when I’m getting into the ‘meat’ of this project! I’ve tried my best to not let it get me down, however. Some medication, tea and a hearty meal and I’m back in action. Since I’ve slept all day it looks like this is going to be yet another all-nighter. I have been able to get some research done and add a few pages to my paper. I just hope to this cold to keep moving along so I can be at 100 instead of being at 75!

Fabrice Louis-Broyld


The ‘Art’ of Majesty Checklist

The ‘Art’ of Majesty Checklist

In an exhibition course I took this semester, we were assigned to create, design, put up (and look pretty) for an exhibition at a local art workshop/gallery. The essential component to this process was the checklist we received from the collection owner. It featured 30 items. Easy task, right? Wrong! Despite making a model scale with the items, the process was very difficult as we began to hang the pictures that were in the checklist. For one part of the exhibit we actually received completely different objects! Nevertheless, in the end we were able to put it together at the last minute.

The ‘Art’ of Majesty exhibit has over 200 items! Fortunately, there is no need to hang them in any physical space. (Plus, I do not want to think of the insurance and shipping costs for these expensive and priceless items.) I have also decided to create a digital checklist. Check it out! (The link is above)


Fabrice Louis-Broyld




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Charles I and Henrietta Maria with their two eldest children, Prince Charles and Princess Mary by Sir Anthony van Dyck, 1632. (Royal Collection Trust / © HM Queen Elizabeth II 2013)

This blog is far from being a personal one. However, my personal interests has led me to my academic pursuits. I am currently a graduate student at The College at Brockport (NY), majoring in World History. As a child, I was captivated by everything about monarchy. Despite never traveling to Europe or viewing a coronation, I was fascinating by kings and queens of the past. Not so much the institution but how it conveys its ‘message’ to audiences. The expensive jewels, elaborate rituals, and fine gowns together form magnificent displays of royal power – actual and perceived. This is what this blog is about.

I planned on writing a thesis on the performance of monarchy over the course of the late-Tudor to early Georgian eras. I got bored with it. Very. Fast. Over the summer of 2013, however, my academic and career interests changed. I have since decided to pursue a career in museum work as an exhibition curator. So, I have decided to ‘shift’ my thesis toward an exhibition catalogue. Think of it as a paper with lots of pictures.

The Art of Majesty is one element of a large project. This blog would be a behind-the-scenes look at writing and creating a virtual exhibit and preparing to convert my paper into a digital catalogue. Trust me, it’s not easy. Moreover, I hope to use this blog to analyze some of the portraits that I may or may not assess in my paper. (Right now I have more than 200 items.) Hope you stick around and see what I’m up to. If you have any questions or comments, or even want to offer some tips along the way, do not hesitate to comment below or send me an email!

Wish me luck,

Fabrice Louis-Broyld


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